The light signal will be shut down in all toll stations from April 6th.

Veronica Solås News

All light signals at toll collections points throughout Norway were switched off on 6 April 2019.

There are several reasons why these light signals have been switched off. First of all, it is very expensive to establish and operate these lights, so-called acknowledgement signals that confirm passages, which are placed in front of every toll collection point in the entire country. In addition, it is unclear how useful these light signals actually are to road users.

One of several measures to improve efficiency

This is one of several measures in connection with implementing the Norwegian road toll reform, which aims to simplify the collection of tolls in order to make operation more efficient.

May take some time before the posts are removed

It may, however, take some time before all light signal posts all over the country have been removed, but this will be done as soon as is practically possible. From now on, new toll collection facilities will not be supplied with light signal posts.

Passage information on Min side (MyPage)

From now on, information on passages and prices will be provided by the toll service provided with whom you have entered into an AutoPASS agreement on Min side.

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