Delay on toll collection at E18 Tvedestrand – Arendal

Veronica Solås News

The delivery of the camera to the toll stations on the new E18 Tvedestrand – Arendal is delayed, which leads to a delay of the toll collection.

On Tuesday, 2nd of July, the new four-lane road opens between Tvedestrand and Arendal. This road section has two toll stations (Mørland and Stølen). All infrastructure related to the toll collection at the two stations is fully installed and tested, except for the central videocameras.

The supplier of the videocameras has informed Ferde AS that the cameras are not working properly. This means that the start of collection of tolls on the Tvedestrand – Arendal section will not start on 2nd of July as planned. The delay applies to both toll stations. The new E18 will still open for traffic on 2nd of July, even though the toll collection is delayed.

Nye Veier is responsible for the construction of the road. The regional toll company Ferde is responsible for collecting tolls.

“We have had close dialogue and follow-up of the supplier of the infrastructure for the toll stations, Tecsidel, and have until recently been informed that the deliveries were on track,” comments Marit Husa, communications director at Ferde. When the collection will start, is therefore uncertain, but the expected start is 1st of September 2019.


Marit Husa, Communications Director, mobil +47-47 68 55 44