E134 Åkrafjorden

Automatic Toll Station

On 1/11/2014, the loan for financing the development of E134 at Rullestadjuvet / Vintertun - Vassvikvatnet was downpaid. Toll collection at Eljarvik's station was at the same time transferred to the E134 Stordalstunnel by Åkrafjord in Etne municipality.

The project includes the Stordalstunnel and the Bakkatunnel with lengths of 1190 and 160 meters, a bridge 110 meters long and roads. The whole stretch is about 4.7 kilometers.

The total cost is not final yet. It is assumed that the toll cost will be 46% up to the cost frame of 468 million 2013. The rest of the cost frame and the increase beyond the cost frame shall be financed by government funds. The E134 Stordalstunnel is covered by the "Reduced cost Scheme for Reduced Toll on National Highways outside the metropolitan areas" and will receive annual grants (totaling NOK 30 million 2017) to keep the rates down. The Stordalstunnel opened on March 17, 2016. It is expected that the project has been repaid in 2030.p.

Hordaland County Municipality

The toll operator aims to finance the project. Funding will be raised through toll collections.

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