What are the benefits of having an agreement?

Veronica Solås

Ferde collects all customers in one customer register, and it is no longer necessary/possible sign agreements for a single toll project.
When you sign an agremment with “Ferde AS – Bomringen i Bergen” you can pass all toll plazas in Norway, including some Ferry connections.

Benefits with AutoPASS-agreement:
  • 20 % discount per passage.
  • All passages on one invoice.
  • Motorhomes and other vehicles in class M1 are prices as light vehicles.
  • 10% discount on several ferries in Norway. You can also prepay a ferry agreement and receive up to 50% discount. For more information see https://www.autopassferje.no/ 
  • You can pass straight through all AutoPASS/EasyGo facilities, both in Norway and abroad, and you will automatically get a discount in the applicable facilities. All passages will be charged to your general agreement, through which you received your tag.
  • One-hour rule rate. Applies per vehicle and different toll projects.
  • Monthly ceiling rate, with a maximum number of passages charged to the agreement per month. Applies per vehicle and in different toll projects.
  • Using the right to exemption when passing the toll. Requires a agreement and tag.
  • View your balance and invoices, extract passage records, edit your agreement, etc. at any time through your own account page, My Page.