What is Vehicle Group M1?

Veronica Solås

Vehicle Group M1

The M1 vehicle category includes passenger vehicles with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat. Most motorhomes, camper vans and certain large cars are included in this vehicle category.

New rate calculation system:

On 4 April 2016, a new system was introduced involving cars weighing over 3500 kg in group M1 to be charged the same rate as cars under 3500 kg.
This requires an electronic tag with a valid agreement.

When ordering a tag, select “Light vehicle – under 3500 kg” when entering into the agreement.

Norwegian vehicles

Norwegian cars in vehicle group M1 with an AutoPASS tag and a valid agreement are automatically included in rate group 1.

Cars registered abroad with an AutoPASS tag

Owners of cars in vehicle group M1 that are registered abroad and that have an AutoPASS tag and a valid agreement need to contact their toll operator to ensure that they are charged based on rate group 1.

With other types of EasyGo tags

Owners of cars over 3500 kg in vehicle group M1 who are using other types of EasyGo tags must contact their tag provider to ensure they are charged in rate group 1 in Norwegian toll stations.