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Exemption for mobility-impaired drivers

Here you will find information about registration for exemption for mobility-impaired drivers.

As the owner of a parking card for mobility-impaired drivers (HC card), you are entitled to an exemption through toll roads in Norway if your card has been issued with a duration of at least two years. After the age of 80, the validity date can be less than two years. You can only get an exemption for one car.

The exemption provision for drivers with reduced mobility is stipulated by law and applies to everyone who passes through the toll rings with a valid AutoPASS agreement and a valid parking permit registered with the toll company Ferde.

Ferde AS operates toll projects in the counties of Vestland, Rogaland and Agder. As of today, you are entitled to exemption for passages in the following toll projects in this region; Førdepakken, Nordhordlandspakken, Bergen, Askøypakken, Haugalandspakken, Nord-Jæren and Kristiansand.

As a holder of a parking card, there are two things you must do to get the exemption you are entitled to:

1. You must have a valid AutoPASS tag from an AutoPASS issuer. You can order the AutoPASS tag here.

2. Submit the following documentation to Ferde:

  • Documentation of a valid AutoPASS agreement
    This can be a screenshot from My Page or confirmation from the tag issuer / AutoPASS contracting party.
    The AutoPASS agreement must be registered on the same person on whom the parking card is registered. If you are under the age of 18, the AutoPASS agreement must be registered with a guardian.
  • The tag number
  • Registration number of the vehicle
  • Address, telephone number and email
  • Copy of front and back of the parking card
    This can be submitted via our contact form or by post.

The exemption will only be valid the day after it has been registered with Ferde. Registration will normally take place on the first working day after receiving documentation.

The exemption is automatically terminated when the validity of the parking card has expired. When you receive a new parking card, it is important to send in a copy of the new parking card so that it is registered with Ferde. If you receive a new tag for the vehicle, you must also contact Ferde so that the new tag is linked to the exemption.

If the AutoPASS agreement is inactive or canceled, you will not receive an exemption.

For questions about exemptions on toll passages, you can contact us here.