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Quality in Ferde


Ferde's overall goal is to provide toll financing for transport infrastructure through efficient toll collection and financing in southwestern Norway.

We carry out our assigned social responsibility in accordance with the requirements of our owners and implementing partners.

  • We will ensure the future transport to the best for all road users
  • We shall strive for efficient and compliant toll collection
  • We will highlight goals and seek new solutions to improve our deliveries
  • We will operate a healthy business, characterised by responsibility for our employees, our social responsibility and the external environment

We strive to ensure quality assurance and documentation of work processes, building competence and continuous learning and improvement at all levels in the organisation.



Ferde places great importance to our responsibility for the external environment. Through daily operations and by influencing various stakeholders, Ferde’s overall goal is to reduce risks and exploit opportunities associated with climate change and the external environment.

We aim for continuous improvement of our work processes, and environmental protection is an integral part of our quality work. Ferde is committed to:

  • Request requirements for green workplaces and other environmental measures when financing new projects
  • Increase the number of projects with green financing within a 3-year period
  • Implement green requirements for our suppliers, and choose climate- and environment-friendly solutions and products
  • Aim to reduce energy consumption at the office and at the toll stations

Ferde has been certified as an Environmental Lighthouse since 2016. Read more here.


Ferdes work with the Transparency Act

The Transparency Act shall promote companies' respect for fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in connection with the production of goods and the provision of services by ensuring the public access to information on how the company works to prevent negative consequences within social sustainability.

At Ferde, holistic sustainability is about how we work to safeguard environmental and social conditions, and how we interact with the environment and society. The work with holistic sustainability is manifested with the board, and is a continuous process of improvement.

Ferde's commitment and anchoring is enshrined in our Code of Conduct and our Ethics Policy.

Ferde is obliged to respond to requests from the public regarding our work with the Transparency Act. If you have questions related to this, you can use our email address


Ethical framework

Ferde's ethical framework shall contribute to good ethical practice. Our ethics policy applies to employees, contractors and the board, while the Code of Conduct applies to our suppliers and subcontractors.

The ethical framework reflects Ferde's values: open, reliable, accountable and innovative.


ISO 9001 and 14001

Our management system is certified to the standards ISO 9001, an international quality management system standard, and ISO 14001, an environmental management system standard.