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Ferdes privacy representative

A privacy representative is a person appointed by a data controller. The person's task is to contribute so that the data controller complies with the Personal Data Act with regulations.

Ferde is a public company and its main activity consists of monitoring data information regularly, systematically and on a large scale.
Ferde has therefore established a privacy representative in accordance with Article 37 of the Personal Data Act.

Access, extradition or deletion of your personal information
If you want access, extract or delete your personal information, you can contact us via our contact form for privacy inquiries.


Ferde's privacy representative can assist you if you have questions about the company's duties, or if you have not received a satisfactory answer to your inquiry about access, extradition and deletion.

Contact info privacy representative
Legal Director Leiv Olav Sunde
Email: personvernombud(a)

What happens to the photos taken at the toll station?

The AutoPASS tag is normally read when passing through the toll station. If the vehicle does not have a tag or the tag is not read when passing, then a picture of the license plate is taken. The image is then processed using automatic number plate recognition. If the quality of the image is not good enough to be read automatically, then it is processed manually by our Norwegian supplier for such services that have labor located in China.

Those who process the images get access, via login to a system in Norway, to one image at a time, together with a numeric code for the toll station and time for passage. The information is unavailable to the image processors immediately after processing.