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Ferde's privacy declaration


Ferde has updated its processing of personal information in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation which came into force in the summer of 2018. The GDPR is designed to be a common framework for data protection laws in the EU, as well as clarifying the rules on transparency around companies' processing of personal data. The new Norwegian privacy law will incorporate the new requirements.

The purpose of the Personal Data Actis to protect against the violation of privacy.

Privacy declaration

This declaration applies to Ferde AS.

The purpose of the declaration is to provide information about why and how we process your personal data, what information we process, who is responsible for the processing of your data, how we protect your privacy.

Why does Ferde process personal data?

Ferde is granted the right of collection of tolls by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, which has the assignment from the Ministry of Transport and Communications. The right to collect tolls is included in section 27, first paragraph of the Road Act and Section 20 of the Issuer Regulations.

Ferde processes personal data on the legal basis of Article 6 (1) c of the GDPR to collect tolls from passages by vehicles through our toll stations. The basis for the processing of personal data is in Article 6 (1) c described as the processing is necessary to fulfil a legal obligation that is required by the controller. The legal basis applies to all processing activities related to toll collection, and will also apply to all our suppliers.

In addition we also process personal data in order to meet the terms and conditions in our contract with our customers. We also process personal data collected through our website. This is to provide better service online.

Data controller at Ferde

The CEO of Ferde is responsible for ensuring that the company's processing of personal data takes place in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

What are my rights as a registered customer?

As a registered customer, you have the right to knowledge about what personal information we store and handle in our systems and you have the right to claim incorrect information corrected or supplemented. You also have the right to request to have your personal data disclosed or deleted. Deleting information assumes that it does not conflict with other laws, such as retention of accounting information.

What information is collected?

In order to collect tolls, all vehicles passing Ferde's toll stations are registered. Vehicles with an registered agreement are registered in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Vehicles without an agreement are registered with video images of the vehicle's registration number.

In order to provide the correct price, we register the time and place of passage and collect the vehicle's environmental characteristics from the Environmental Register owned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

To send an invoice, we process information about the vehicle owner. We retrieve this information from the Motor Vehicle Register owned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. In both cases, we handle information as your name, address and date of birth.

Foreign vehicles without an agreement are billed through the Euro Parking Collection (EPC) which has an agreement with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

In order to make collection and handling efficient, we record payments, payment history, invoice history, agreement form and information related to customers support chat, phone and email inquiries.

In order to prevent vandalism to our toll equipment, we have cameras mounted for surveillance. These cameras arefocusedtowards central components of the equipment. The cameras might collect both passing objects and any occurrence of vandalism on Ferdes equipment. Because of this, the cameras may collect and handle personal information such as still pictures or video. The cameras are placed such that it identifying the car registration plate or any individual details are made difficult. The pictures from these cameras may also be used for quality assuring purposes by registering the number of passing vehicles and comparing these to the passing data for each toll station. Such activities will be limited in both frequency and duration.

When you visit the websites or we record information about your IP address and how the sites are used. We also record the information submitted by the user. You can read more about this under "How do we use cookies and scripts?".

Examples of what we collect are:

  • Information regarding the use of services. This applies, for example, to location and web traffic data using activity logs and basic information about what kind of device you use when you visit our websites. The information we collect include: date and time, operating system and browser you use, IP addresses, screen size and the like.
  • Other information about the use of services, such as data collected using cookies when visiting our website.

Should any other information be collected, we will inform you of what information we collect and what the information may be used for followed by your consent.

How do we use cookies and scripts?

We use cookies and similar technologies (often called pixels) on our website. The cookies give us insight into the visitor's pattern of usage, as well as how many visitors have visited the site.

We use cookies for the following purposes

  • Service development: Cookies help us monitor the use of our digital services. We use this information to improve our services. Among other things, we receive information about which websites are visited the most, whether the user comes from a link click outside our website, whether they click further, and how long users remain on our websites. We log the time you spend on our pages, but this information is anonymized. We also monitor how far down on the page you scroll, as well as where you point and click with your mouse pointer.
  • Usage Analytics: We use cookies to collect information about the number of visitors to our websites.

Information creations and scripts are used through the following third parties

  • Google Analytics
  • Hotjar

How can you opt out of the use of cookies?

You can easily opt out of the use of cookies by changing the security settings in your browser. Below you will find links to instructions for the most frequently used browsers.

Disclosed of personal data to third parties

In the work of collecting tolls, meeting contractual conditions, and providing websites and self-service solutions, Ferde employs subcontractors and partners. These may process your personal data on behalf of Ferde. To ensure that your personal data is not used for purposes other than those described above, Ferde enters into data processing agreements with all its subcontractors and partners.

In some cases, we are required by law to disclose your personal data, for example to law enforcement or tax authorities.

Securing personal data

Access to personal data is granted only to persons with tasks that require this. All systems have access control with personal ID and password. All changes and actions are traceable. Ferde has data processing agreements with anyone who processes personal information on behalf of Ferde.

Storage and deletion of your data?

Passing information is deleted according to fixed criteria depending on whether the pass has been paid or not. The passing information are transferred to the AutoPASS Central System and deleted according to the current rules established by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. The data is stored as long as the controllers need them to collect tolls and process complaints, manage the ICT system and prepare aggregated statistics for tolls (anonymized statistics). Personal data that is subject to bookkeeping is stored in accordance with Section 13 of the Norwegian Bookkeeping Act..

Personal data collected through cookies and scripts on our website:

With your consent, cookies will be stored on your device to enable the collection of anonymized statistics and history. This data will be stored in our or third-party systems for the lifetime of the Service. This means that generic information about the use of websites and newsletters is stored until the website or newsletter is discontinued. This is information that cannot be associated with you as an individual. Cookies are stored for as long as you wish. This is controlled through your browser. You can remove cookies in your browser at any time.

If you have previously given your consent and wish to withdraw it, you can do so by clicking on the following link:

Please note that you must delete existing cookies in your browser if you wish. Below you will find links to instructions for the most frequently used browsers.

Access, disclosure and deletion of personal data

If you wish to access the personal data Ferde holds about you, or would like to have information about you corrected, disclosed or deleted, please contact us via the contact form.

Changes to our Privacy Declaration

We may need to update the Privacy Declaration over time. We do this if our operations and services develop, while also having to follow the data protection authority's rules. We encourage you to check regularly if there have been any updates on this page.