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Annual report 2021

Ferde received 3.9 billion in operating revenue in 2021

Revenues from toll stations amount to NOK 3.3 billion and NOK 0.6 billion from government subsidies and other operating revenues.

The income financed toll projects in the counties Agder, Rogaland and Vestland.
In 2021 Ferde had a total of 19 toll projects with collection.

Operating expenses, excluding depreciation, amount to 8.5% of revenues from tollstations passing.

Ferde sold the issuer business Flyt AS to Gjensidige Forsikring ASA in 2021. The sale is a consequence of the toll reform's requirement to distinguish between the roles of the toll companies (operators) and those who issue AutoPASS agreements (issuer companies). The sale of Flyt AS was NOK 409 million, and gave Ferde a gain of NOK 324 million to be distributed on various projects.

Green framework – new report

Ferde has today also published a report in accordance with the green framework. The framework has been prepared in accordance with "The Green Bond Principles" and has been reviewed and assessed by CICERO, which has given the highest grade that can be achieved ("dark green"). Ferde is one of the largest issuers of green bonds in the Norwegian market with a total of outstanding green loans of NOK 5.5 billion as of 31.12.2021

You can read the annual report for 2021 and the green framework report here