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The AutoPASS agreement with Ferde is handled by Flyt

The tag and agreement division of Toll Company Ferde gets a new name. All customers who have an AutoPASS agreement will now relate to Flyt.

- The AutoPASS agreement continues as usual, so customers do not have to do anything. There are no changes in the benefits of the AutoPASS agreement, says CEO of Ferde Trond Juvik.

The toll reform that was adopted by the Storting in 2015 means that the five Norwegian toll companies can no longer operate both as operator and issuer. The issuer division Flyt will handle customers who have an AutoPASS agreement. Customers who currently have an agreement with Ferde, so mainly motorists in Agder, Rogaland and Vestland will from 15 February relate to Flyt as a customer center when asked about the AutoPASS agreement.

- In the first instance, it is a question of separating the issuer business, ie the part that handles contract customers, into a separate division, Juvik comments. The next is that Flyt becomes a separate subsidiary, 100 percent owned by Ferde. The toll reform requires toll companies to sell their issuer business to an external player. We expect this to happen during the first half of 2021, says Trond Juvik.

Flyt's role
Flyt will handle all contract customers. This means that everyone who has an AutoPASS agreement with Ferde will contact Flyt's customer center for help. You will still find an overview of passages on My Page;

Ferde's role
Ferde will continue to be responsible for the financing of the toll projects and for the technical and physical roadside equipment necessary to be able to collect it. In addition, Ferde will be responsible for collecting tolls from motorists who do not have an agreement.

About Flyt
Flyt is the tag issuer to Ferde that offers user-friendly payment solutions for toll passes through the AutoPASS discount agreement scheme. Flyt aims to be the preferred supplier of AutoPASS agreements and will handle over 250 million annual passages and make settlements on behalf of the toll companies. With Flyt you travel cheaper throughout Norway.

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About Ferde
Ferde is a regional toll company that finances toll projects and conducts toll collection in Agder, Rogaland and Vestland counties. Ferde is organized as a limited company, and is owned by Vestland County Municipality, Rogaland County Municipality and Agder County Municipality with one third each. The head office is in Bergen.

Tolls contribute to financing the development of roads, public transport, pedestrian and cycle paths, and are thus important for achieving the national goals of an efficient, accessible, safe and environmentally friendly transport system that covers society's needs for transport and promotes regional development.

2019 was Ferde's first full year as a regional toll company, where 23 toll companies were merged.

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