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Help understanding your invoice

The invoices from Ferde is for passages made without an agreement

If you have received an invoice from Ferde, it means you did no have a valid AutoPASS agreement at the time of passage through the toll station. If you think you had a valid AutoPASS agreement, contact your tag issuer and find out why the agreement is not active.

Invoice info:
On the invoice from Ferde, you will see the date of dispatch, the invoice number and your customer number in the top right corner. Payment details such as KID number, account number, amount for payment and payment deadline are placed in a box on the first page.

On page two you will find the specifications for the invoice, ie which passages it includes. You will first see the period the invoice applies to - and then the registration number of the car.
You can also see the date, time and price of the passages.

Have you been notified by SMS or email that you have a new invoice from Ferde being processed?

This means that you have selected e-Invoice, and this notice is your bank reminding you to log in to the online bank and approve the invoice for payment. In the online bank, you will be able to download the invoice information.

Have you received an invoice from Ferde by Vipps?

This means that you basically have an e-Invoice, but that you have ticked the option to also receive the invoice on Vipps - inside the Vipps app. You can change this yourself under "Settings" in Vipps. It does not matter if you place the invoice due on Vipps or in the online bank, it will be registered as paid regardless of which way you choose to do it.