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Another attempt at SMS fraud

Be aware of attempted fraud regarding outstanding tolls from "AutoPASS" or "The Norwegian Road Administration" / "Statens vegvesen"

Ferde has again been made aware that several people have received SMSes from "Autopass" informing them of outstanding tolls, with a link to go to details.

This SMS is a phishing scam where fraudsters send fake SMS and try to trick people into providing information or paying false claims.

AutoPASS or the National Road Administration (Statens vegvesen) are not a payment intermediary for toll passes and they do not send out SMS with information about outstanding tolls or unpaid bills.

Fraud attempts often have typos and come from foreign/unknown phone numbers, and have links to unknown web addresses.

So if you receive an SMS about payment of tolls, it is a fraud and you must not click on the link.

Two examples of fraudulent SMS: (Norwegian only)

2024 - svindelSMS
2023 - SvindelSMS

Two examples of scam websites:

2024 - Svindelwebside

Here it is important that you do not attempt to pay or provide information if you click on the link.

2023 - Svindelwebside

Avoid getting scammed

For more information, we recommend Here you will find updated guides and additional information about online fraud and online security. The website is a collaboration between the National Security Authority (NSM), the National Communications Authority (Nkom) and the Norwegian Center for Information Security (NorSIS).

Fjellinjen has also experienced a similar situation where their name was used in an SMS fraud attempt. You can read more about this on Fjellinjen website.