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Toll stations and prices

There are 4 toll stations located in Askøy. Payment for passings in one direction, towards the Askøy bridge/Bergen.

News: price adjustment of the toll rates from 1 August. Read more.

Vehicles under 3.5 tons


Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel


Zero-emission vehicles



Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel


Zero-emission vehicles


New rates from 01.08.22

Monthly maximum rate

With a valid AutoPass agreement and a tag connected to your vehicle, you will not be charged more than 30 passings in Askøy. This applies per calendar month and per vehicle/tag.

Hourly rate

With a valid AutoPass agreement and a tag connected to your vehicle, you only pay for one passing within 60 minutes, no matter how many toll stations located in Askøy you pass. This applies per vehicle/tag.


Persons with reduced mobility who have a valid parking permit from the municipality are entitled to exemption from tolls in connection with urban areas.

If you have a valid AutoPass agreement, you can connect your parking permit to you agreement to obtain an exemption in toll stations connected to Askøy.

About exemptions
Zero-emission vehicles

Zero-emission vehicles are defined as electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles in rate group 1 and rate group 2. To obtain discount or, in some cases, an exemption there must be a valid AutoPass agreement connected to the vehicle. Zero-emission vehicles in rate group 1 will be charged toll rates that corresponds to 50% of ordinary rates after the discount is added. There will be no charge for passings with zero-emission vehicles in rate group 2 for the time being.

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Askøypakken has a total of six sub-projects managed by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

NOK 200M have also been set aside for public transport measures at Askøy, as well as a limit of NOK 220M for “other measures”.