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Toll stations and prices

The toll station on Skoieveien is located between Døle bridge and Mandal, and has collection in both directions.

Vehicles under 3.5 tons

Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel


Zero-emission vehicles


Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel


Zero-emission vehicles


Start toll collection 01-01-22

Hourly rate and Monthly maximum rate

There is no hourly rate or monthly maximum rate for Skoieveien toll station.


Exemptions are granted in accordance with current tariff guidelines.

Following exemptions applies:

Passengers in all types of vehicles
Walking and cycling
Motorcycles and mopeds
Public transport on a licensed route *
Uniformed emergency vehicles, as well as civilian emergency vehicles in service assignments

Exemptions marked with * presuppose a valid agreement and the use of a tag.

Zero-emission vehicles

Zero-emission vehicles are defined as electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles in rate group 1 and rate group 2. To obtain discount or, in some cases, an exemption there must be a valid AutoPass agreement connected to the vehicle. Zero-emission vehicles in rate group 1 will be charged toll rates that corresponds to 50% of ordinary rates after the discount is added. There will be no charge for passings with zero-emission vehicles in rate group 2 for the time being.

About the project

The toll collection started 1th of January 2022. Read more.

The new E39 will be a traffic-safe, four-lane motorway with a speed limit of 110 km / h. In addition to a reduction in the number of accidents, the motorway will provide significantly shorter travel time for the user, and link Agder and Rogaland more closely together as a common housing and labor market.

The section Døle bridge - Mandal consists of: 7 kilometers of four-lane motorway with a speed limit of 110 km / h. 6 kilometers of two-lane road with a speed limit of 90 km / h.

This toll station is the first of a total of 9 toll stations on the stretch.

One or more collection points are placed on each section. Collection starts at the same time as the new road section is opened to traffic, and the length of the collection period is the same in all toll sections.