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Toll stations and prices

On 01.09.21, toll collection was reintroduced in Kristiansand, and payment for environmentally differentiated vehicles initiated.

News: New rates from 15/06/23. Read more.

The toll ring in Kristiansand has 5 toll stations with collection in the direction of the city center.

Vehicles under 3.5 tons

Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel

Rush hour


Outside of rush hour


Zero-emission vehicles

Rush hour


Outside of rush hour


Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel

Rush hour


Outside of rush hour


Zero-emission vehicles

Rush hour


Outside of rush hour


Prices from 15/06/23

Rush hour fee

Increased rates: rush hours Monday to Friday at 06:30 - 09:00 and 14:30 - 17:00

Ordinary rates: Monday to Friday outside of rush hours, Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.

Monthly maximum rate

With a valid AutoPass agreement and a tag connected to your vehicle, you will not be charged more than 50 passings in Kristiansand. This applies per calendar month and per vehicle/tag.

Hourly rate

With the hourly rate, this means that you only pay for one passage if the same vehicle passes several toll stations in the same toll project within 60 minutes.

It is the first passage that will be charged.

From 01.09.23, there is no requirement for an AutoPASS user agreement in order to get the hourly rate in Samferdselspakke Kristiansand.


Persons with reduced mobility who have a valid parking permit from the municipality are entitled to exemption from tolls in connection with urban areas.

If you have a valid AutoPass agreement, you can connect your parking permit to you agreement to obtain an exemption in toll stations in Kristiansand.

Read more about exemption here
Zero-emission vehicles

Zero-emission vehicles are electric cars and hydrogen cars in rate groups 1 and 2. All zero-emission vehicles must have a valid AutoPASS agreement and a tag to receive a AutoPASS-discount or exemption, as well as benefits such as hourly rate and monthly maximum rate. It is mandatory for rate group 2 to have a valid AutoPASS agreement and tag.

Create agreement

You can read more about the project on here.