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Toll stations and prices

About the project

The E39 Rogfast project involves crossing the Boknafjord north of Stavanger with a 26.7 kilometer long underwater tunnel.
The project is planned opened in 2031.

Read more on Statens vegesen's pages here.

Toll surcharge on ferries

On the ferry connection E39 Mortavika - Arsvågen, tolls are currently collected in advance for E39 Rogfast, cf. Prop. 117 S (2012-2013).

The ferry ticket includes the ferry fare and the toll surcharge. For a total ticket price, go to Fjord1 or AutoPASS.

Ticket price/ferry price including toll surcharge:

Toll surcharge (not including the ferry fare) from 14.06.24:

Ticket code: Description/length - Toll surcharge

AP1: 0 – 6 m - NOK 70.00
AP2: >6 – 8 m - NOK 150.00
AP3: >8 – 10 m - NOK 184.00
AP4: >10 – 12.5 m - NOK 217.00
AP5: >12.5 – 14.5 m - NOK 217.00
AP6: >14.5 – 17.5 m - NOK 227.00
AP7: >17.5 – 19.5 m - NOK 254.00
AP8: >19.5 – 22 m - NOK 243.00
AP9: >22 m - NOK 268.00
MC: MC/Moped - NOK 19.00

- Motorcycles are not exempt from paying tolls on the ferry.
- Discount: No discount is given on the toll surcharge, with the exception of zero-emission vehicles that receive a 50 percent discount on the toll surcharge provided a valid agreement.
- From 14.06.24
the discount for zero-emission vehicles in rate gorup AP1 and MC are reduced from 50 to 30 percent. In the other rate groups, the discount for zero-emission vehicles are still 50 percent.

Exemption from tolls

Exemptions are granted in accordance with current road tariff decitions. As of today, the following exemptions apply:
- Passengers in all types of vehicles
- Walking and cycling
- Public transport by licensed route *
- Uniformed emergency vehicles, as well as civilian emergency vehicles in service assignments *

Exemptions marked with * require a valid electronic tag and agreement.

Project goal

The goals set for the planning and construction of E39 Rogfast are;
- E39 Rogfast will contribute to developing E39 as an important connecting road for Western Norway as part of the national transport corridor along the West Coast.
- The project will contribute to the development of a coherent freight transport system with supplies to the central ports and other hubs along the West Coast.
- E39 Rogfast will contribute to developing a common housing and labor market for Nord-Jæren and Haugalandet.