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Toll stations connected to Bergen

All of the toll stations charges when passing, in direction towards the city centre.

In the existing toll stations (14 toll stations, marked grey on the map), a rush hour fee will be charged when passing between 06:30-09:00 and 14:30-16:30.
There is no rush hour fee in the new toll stations (15 tollstations, marked grey on the map).

Existing toll stations:

  • Fjøsangerveien
  • Nattlandsveien
  • Storetveitveien
  • Dolviken
  • Fyllingsdalen
  • Gravdal
  • Straume bro
  • Sandviken
  • Nyebroen (Nye Nygårdsbro II)
  • Florida
  • Gyldenpris
  • Kalfaret
  • Michael Krohnsgate (Charges passings towards Danmarksplass)
  • Damsgårdsveien (Charges passings towards Danmarksplass)

New toll stations (from 06.04.19)

  • Fv 243 Tellevikvegen, heading south
  • E16 Arnavegen, in towards the roundabout in Vågsbotn, heading north
  • Fv 267 Åsamyrane, ved Plantasjen, heading west
  • E 39 Åsaneveien, highway right before IKEA, heading west
  • Fv 555 Bergen city centre, at Strandkaien, heading towards Nordnes
  • Fv 585 Bergen city centre, Småstrandgaten, heading towards Torget
  • Rv 555 Sotraveien, right before the tunnel on the highway after the exit to Loddefjord, heading east
  • Fv 558 Lyderhornsveien, just after the roundabout at Vestkanten, heading towards Tennebekk
  • Fv 556 Straumeveien, right before the roundabout by Krambua before connecting to Fjøsangerveien, heading north
  • Fv 580 Hardangervegen by Grimevatnet, heading towards Midtun
  • Rv 580 Fritz C. Riebers vei. On the highway before Troldhaugtunnelen, heading north
  • Fv 179 Steinsvikvegen, just above Steinsvika, heading towards Rå
  • Fv 582 Fanavegen, after the exit from the highway towards Skjold, heading north
  • Rv 580 Flyplassvegen, by Skeievatnet, heading east
  • Fv 172 Skagevegen, just before Møsåsen, heading towards Skeie