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Toll stations in Nord-Jæren

Included in Nord Jæren, there are 38 toll stations divided into 5 sections. Payment for passing in one direction, heading in to a section. The exception is in the northern outer section, where payment is in towards Stavanger, the section in Risvika will be charged for passings out of the section and on the city bridge where the payment is northbound.


  • Stavanger (city centre?) (11 toll stations)
  • Sandnes (10 toll stations)
  • Sola (2 toll stations)
  • Forus (10 toll stations)
  • Risavika (2 toll stations)
  • Northern outer section: toll stations bordering Stavanger and Randaberg. (3 toll stations)

Toll stations in Stavanger and direction of payment

  • Fv435 Bybrua (right before the tunnel towards the city centre) Heading north (Direction of payment changed 05/10/20)
  • Fv411 Tastagata (by Tanangergata) Heading south
  • Christian Bjellandsgate (between Vistegata and Feisteinveien) Heading south
  • Fv446 Randabergveien (outside the row of houses 8A-F) Heading south
  • Fv 416 Øvre Stokkavei (right after the intersection to/from E39) Heading east
  • Rv509 Madlaveien (by the Mosvanns park near Tjensvoll) Heading north-east
  • E39 Mosvatnet (Highway) Heading north
  • Fv404 SUS (Fylkeslege Ebbells gate, by the Stavanger University Hospital) Heading north
  • Fv 44 Lagårdsveien (right after the roundabout at the Hillevåg tunnel, towards the city centre ) Heading north
  • Fv 415 Nedre Stokkavei (by Edvard Griegs square, «Skrodå»)Heading east
  • Ytre Ringveg west. Heading east

Toll stations in the outer northern section and direction of payment

  • Fv409 Kvernevikveien - Heading south
  • E39 Tastatorget (Randabergveien)- Heading south
  • Fv413 Finnestadgeilen - Heading east

Toll stations in the Risavika section and direction of payment

  • Rv 509 Jåsund (right by the Hafrsfjord bridge) - Heading north (Direction of payment changed 07/10/20)
  • Rv 509 Tanangerveien (by Baker Hughes)- Heading south (Direction of payment changed 18/09/20)

Toll stations by Sola Airport and direction of payment

  • Fv509 Flyplassveien (by the Circle K gas station) - Heading south-west
  • Fv374 Nordsjøveien (between the exit to Sola Strand Hotel and the roundabout to Utsola) - Heading north

Toll stations in the Forus section and direction of payment

  • Fv44 Diagonalen/Boganesveien (by the crossing to Viking stadium) - Heading east
  • Moseidsletta (right after the exit from Solasplitten) - Heading east
  • Røynebergveien (right after the exit from Solasplitten) - Heading south-east
  • Åsenveien (alont he Forus canal, before Åsenmyra and Åsenkroken) - Heading east
  • Fv443 Forusbeen (by the roundabout at Løwenstrasse, the waste facility) - Heading east
  • E39 Refsnesveien (on the highway, right by Refsnesveien that crosses over) - Heading south-east
  • E39 Stokkamyra (by Håkull) Heading north
  • Stokkaveien (lby Kvadrat) - Heading north
  • Fv44 Forussletta (near the roundabout by Stavangerveien) - Heading north
  • Fv314 Gamleveien (on the same side as Sandnes, right by the municipal boundary to Stavanger) - Heading north

Toll stations in Sandnes and direction of payment

  • Fv44 Strandgata (by Somaneset and Norlines) - Heading south
  • Roald Amundsensgate (by Motorhotellet) - Heading south
  • Dyre Vaas vei (by Rossalandtunet) - Heading south
  • Fv509 Oalsgata (between the intersection by Folkvordveien and Arne Garborgsvei) - Heading south-east
  • Fv241 Heigreveien (by the intersection to Foren, where E39 crosses Heigreveien) - Heading north-east
  • Fv325 Jærveien (right by the intersection to lSandskaret, north of Kvelluren bridge) - Heading north
  • Fv330 Hoveveien (by the intersection to Olinebakken) - Heading north
  • Fv334 Gamle Ålgårdsveien, Austrått (by Tranegarden and Prestegårdsveien) - Heading north
  • Fv 323 Austråttveien, (between Kyrkjevegen and Høgevollsveien) - Heading west
  • Fv332 Hanaveien, (Hanabryggene) - Heading south