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Toll stations in the Haugaland package

Here you will find an overview of the toll stations connected to the Haugaland package, and in what direction they charge for passings.

Toll stations in Haugesund and eastwards

The following toll stations charges in one direction, heading out of the city:

  • Fv.47 Karmsundsgata sør
  • Fv.923 Salhusveien
  • Fv.831 Spannaveien
  • Fv.938 Skjoldaveien
  • Fv.47 Tittelsnesvegen
  • Fv.924 Skeisvollsveien

The following toll stations charges in both directions:

  • E134 Hodnafjell
  • E39 Liland
  • E134 Toskatjørn

From 01.07.23 the collection ended in four toll stations in Karmøy municipality - fv. 47 Liknes, fv. 47 Veakrossen, fv. 47 Bygnes and fv. 47 Norheim. Read news.