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Toll stations and prices

News: The 7th of June the toll collection for Vossapakko ended.

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Payment was done in both directions in the toll stations E16 Bolstad and Rv.13 Svelgane.

With a valid AutoPass agreement and a tag, veichles was not charged with more than 25 passings per calendar month, and only paid for one passing within 60 minutes.

Vossapakko covered three road projects on the E16 and rv 13 in Voss municipality and Granvin Herad. Funds have also been added for building a new intersection at Stanghelle in Vaksdal municipality. The development cost of the project is NOK 1130 million (09).

Funding is based on 53 % road tolls and 47 % government funds. Vossapakko greatly improved conditions for road users, and the project provided significantly better accessibility, environmental benefits and increased traffic security.