Implementation of environmentally differentiated rates from June 1st.

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In line with the instructions from Prop. 11 S (2017-2018), environmental differences are introduced in Bergen from 01.06.2018.

The toll charge will be determined by the vehicle’s emissions standards. For foreign vehicles, the emissions standards must be registered by the owner or user of the vehicle in order to receive the correct toll charge. You can do that here.

Change of discount system

Through the processing of Prop. 1 S Appendix 2 / Inn. 13 S (2015-2016), the Storting has agreed to the government’s proposal to introduce a new standardized rates and discount system for tolling project. The goal of reorganizing to a new system is to streamline and simplify the tolling payment.

  • The restructuring will involve a significant simplification of the system and work towards creating similar structure in the toll systems across the country.
  • All customers who have a main agreement and a tag from Bomeringen i Bergen will automatically be converted into a post payment agreement with a 20% discount.
  • Local advance payments agreements will no longer offered.
  • If you have a tag from another toll company and an additional agreement with the Bomringen i Bergen to obtain a local discount, this additional agreement will be terminated.
    The AutoPASS agreement where you got the tag from, the main agreement, will not be changed, and passages in the Bomringen i Bergen from June 1 will be deducted from the main agreement with full discount.
  • Vehicles in Rate group 1 with electronic tag and valid agreement will automatically receive 20 per cent discount. Vehicles in Rate group 2 will receive no discount.
    • Rate group 1: Vehicles with permitted total weight up to 3500 kg, as well as vehicles in category M1 with electronic tag and valid agreement.
    • Rate group 2: Vehicles with a permitted total weight including and above 3501 kg, excl. vehicle in category M1 with electronic tag and valid agreement.


Rate group 1  Rate group 2
  Gasoline / rechargeable hybrid Diesel El- and hydrogen Euro V and older Euro VI El- and hydrogen
Outside of rush hour 24,-  29,-  0,- 67,- 36,- 0,-
Rush hour (06.30–09.00 og 14.30–16.30) 49,- 54,- 0,- 118,- 72,- 0,-

Table: Toll prices for Bypakke Bergen after the change to the rate and discount system and the implementation of environmentally differentiated rates.

For chargeable hybrid vehicles, according to Prop. 11 S (2016-2017), the rates are :

– Chargeable hybrids in Rate group 1 must pay normally
– Chargeable hybrids in Rate group 2 must pay the price as Euro VI


One-hour rule and monthly ceilings rate of 60 passages per. month for all vehicles with electronic tag and valid agreement will be continued.

«Introduction of environmentally-differentiated rates» (Norwegian only)