New AutoPASS-tag and new customer number for customers in Haugalandspakken and Bomringen i Kristiansand

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Information about new AutoPASS-tag and new customer number

All toll projects in the counties of Agder, Rogaland and Vestland are now gathered in the toll company Ferde AS. We therefore want to bring together all the AutoPASS customers in one customer register.

New customer number
All existing AutoPASS agreements with Ferde AS – Haugalandspakken and Ferde  – Bomringen i Kristiansand was the 30th of September 2020 transferred to a new customer number in Ferde AS – Bomringen Bergen. This means that your agreement for Ferde – Haugalandspakken or Ferde – Bomringen in Kristiansand has been terminated, and is from the same moment valid in your new agreement with Ferde – Bomringen in Bergen.

Invoice from Haugalandspakken or Bomringen i Kristiansand

An invoice was recently sent out for the previous agreements in the Haugalandpakken and the Bomringen i Kristiansand. Information about the tag deposit is included in the invoice text and this is reegarding the transfer of the deposit from the terminated agreement, over to the new agreement in Ferde AS – Bomringen Bergen. The tag deposit does not have to be paid again, and the information on the invoice is for your orientation.

New AutoPASS tag
Due to the transfer to new customer number, you will receive a new AutoPASS tags in the mail. It may take some time before you receive the new tag, but the AutoPASS agreement will still be valid. The new tag must, as soon as it is received, be mounted in the windscreen of the car. The old tag must be removed from the car and disposed of as electrical waste. It will no longer be valid.

AutoPASS My Page (Min Side)

If you want to use AutoPASS My page and have not been logged in before, do the following: Go to «» and log in with BankID. When asked if you already have an agreement, select “YES”. Enter the email address registered in the agreement and then click on the link you will receive in the email.

If you are already a user of AutoPASS My page, you will find the new customer number in Ferde – Bomringen Bergen under the function «Find agreement». Here you select «Email registered in the agreement» . Enter the email address registered in the agreement and then click on the link you will receive in the email. The new customer number will now be under “Select agreement” in the upper left corner of the page. You will now be associated with all agreements where your email is registered. To remove the customer number you no longer need to look at on AutoPASS My Page, you can click on the agreement and select “Unlink”.

Unfortunately, it will no longer be possible to find information regarding the old customer numbers on the AutoPASS My page. If you need such information, please contact our customer center.

Missing passages on My Page?

Passages made before the new tag is received mounted in the car will be charged to the new agreement somewhat delayed, and it may take up to 2 weeks before the passages are displayed on My Page.

AutoPASS for ferry

The new tag number will be automatically updated on agreements with “AutoPASS for Ferry” as soon as the tag is used. You can make sure the information matches under “Vehicle” on the AutoPASS Ferry My Page.

New bank account number

Invoices from Ferde – Bomringen Bergen will have a different account number than the one you have used before.
Always make sure that you use the bank account number that is on the invoice for payment, so that the payment comes into the correct bank account. If the wrong bank account number is used, the payment will be rejected and will be returned.

Invoice for terminated and new AutoPASS agreement

After the transfer, you will receive a settlement invoice on the terminated agreement. Please note that the invoice for the new agreement at Ferde – Bomringen Bergen, can be sent out in the same period, but this will contain new passages.

Current e-invoice agreements will automatically be transferred to the new customer number with Bomringen i Bergen.