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Invoice from Ferde

Have you received an invoice from Ferde?

You will receive an invoice from Ferde for passages made without an agreement. This means that at the time of the passage there has not been an active agreement registered on your vehicle. If you think you had a valid AutoPASS agreement, contact your tag issuer and find out why the agreement is not active.

Until an AutoPass agreement is registered or the validity of the existing agreement is fixed, an invoice will be sent directly to the owner of the vehicle in accordance with information registered in the Motor Vehicle Register.

Have you previously had an agreement with Ferde - Toll company?

From now on you will receive an invoice from Flyt. The invoice from Flyt includes all the passages that are registered onto your agreement via the tag you have mounted in the car.

Do you have an agreement on the vehicle for which you have now received an invoice from Ferde?

Look at the time of passage on the invoice you have now received and compare it to the date you created the agreement. Often the passage was made before the agreement was created.

Do you need help understanding your invoice?

Help understanding your invoice

Please note that we send invoices in arrears so that they can arrive up to 3 months after the time of passage.