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Questions about invoices and passages?

If you have questions about an invoice you have received from Ferde, you can send us an inquiry by email or post so that we can take a closer look at the case. Refer to your invoice number and briefly explain what your inquiry is about.

Have you received invoices at full price, but do you think you have an agreement?

If you have received an invoice from Ferde, there has not been registered an agreement at the vehicle at the time of passage. If you believe you have a valid AutoPASS agreement, contact your tag issuer and find out why the agreement is not active.

Do you want an overview of your passages?

Passages registered with Ferde is passages made without an agreement on the vehicle. You will se your passages on the invoice that you have received by post, DigiPost or e-invoice. We can only send a passage overview when the passages have already been invoiced and to be found on the invoice.

If you want a copy of one of your invoices with the passages, you can contact our customer center. Remember to refer to the registration number or invoice number you want to see detailed passage information.

Information about passages can only be sent directly to the owner of the vehicle.

Have you received an invoice where you have been billed for several passages within one hour?

From 01.09.23, you will get an one hour rule without an AutoPASS user agreement in some toll projects. This means that you only pay for one passage if the same vehicle passes several toll stations in the same toll project within 60 minutes. This applies to toll rings associated with cities and certain road projects. (Read more here)

In Kvammapakken where the one hour rule is 90 minutes, there is still a requirement for a valid AutoPASS user agreement to get benefits of the hour rule. If you do not have an agreement, you must pay for all the passages.

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