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Toll stations and prices

The Haugaland package includes many small and large projects in the seven municipalities on Haugalandet: Bokn, Karmøy, Haugesund, Vindafjord, Etne, Sveio and Tysvær.

Vehicles under 3.5 tons

Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel


Zero-emission vehicles


Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel


Zero-emission vehicles


Monthly maximum rate

With a valid AutoPass agreement and a tag connected to your vehicle, you will not be charged more than 75 passings in connection to toll stations under the Haugaland package. This applies per calendar month and per vehicle/tag.

Hourly rate

With a valid AutoPass agreement and a tag connected to your vehicle, you only pay for one passing within 60 minutes, no matter how many toll stations included in the Haugaland package you pass. This applies per vehicle/tag.


Persons with reduced mobility who have a valid parking permit from the municipality are entitled to exemption from tolls in connection with urban areas.

If you have a valid AutoPass agreement, you can connect your parking permit to you agreement to obtain an exemption in toll stations connected to the Haugaland package.

About exemptions

The Haugaland Package (Haugalandspakken) is the name of a development and financing plan aimed at developing the transport system in Haugaland.

The Haugaland package mainly comprises a lift of the standards of the two most important transport roads through the region: E134 between Haugesund and Etne and Fv 47 through the seven involved municipalities. It is also a plan to implement measures on the E39 and on the county roads.