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Toll stations and prices

There are 38 toll stations in the Nord Jæren area, divided into 5 sections. Payment for passings in one direction.

Vehicles under 3.5 tons


Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel


Zero-emission vehicles



Petrol/plug-in hybrids/diesel


Zero-emission vehicles


Reduced discount for zero-emission vehicles from 01.01.24

Monthly maximum rate in Nord Jæren and the Hundvåg tunnel

With a valid AutoPass agreement and a tag connected to your vehicle, you will not be charged more than 75 passings in Nord Jæren. This applies per calendar month and per vehicle.

Rate group 2 does not have a monthly maximum rate for passings in Rv.13 Hundvågtunnelen.

Hourly rate in Nord Jæren and the Hundvåg tunnel

With the hourly rate, this means that you only pay for one passing if the same vehicle passes several toll stations in Bypakke Nord Jæren and Hundvågtunnel within 60 minutes. It is the first pass that will be charged.

From 01.09.23, there is no requirement for an AutoPASS user agreement to get the hourly rule in Bypakke Nord-Jæren and the Hundvåg tunnel.


Persons with reduced mobility who have a valid parking permit from the municipality are entitled to exemption from tolls in connection with urban areas.

If you have a valid AutoPass agreement, you can connect your parking permit to you agreement to obtain an exemption in toll stations connected to the Bergen area.

(The exemption does not apply for passings included in Ryfast or the Hundvåg tunnel)

About exemptions
Zero-emission vehicles

Zero-emission vehicles are defined as electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles in rate group 1 and rate group 2. To obtain discount or, in some cases, an exemption there must be a valid AutoPass agreement connected to the vehicle. Zero-emission vehicles in rate group 1 will be charged toll rates that corresponds to 50 or 70 percent of ordinary rates after the tag discount. There will be no charge for passings with zero-emission vehicles in rate group 2 for the time being.

In Nord-Jæren, the price for zero-emission vehicles is 70 percent of ordinary vehicles after the AutoPASS discount from 01.01.24

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The City Enviromental Package is a tolling package for Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg. It will provide better public services, better conditions for cyclists and better accessibility on roads.

The City Enviromental Package for Nord Jæren contributes with over 30 billion kroner for roads, buses and cycle paths until 2033.

Tolling stands for the largest part. The state provides funds in the City Environment Package through the City-Growth-agreement and the National Transport Plan, totaling approximately NOK 11 billion. Rogaland County Municipality contributes approximately NOK 1.5 billion in VAT refund.

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