AutoPASS MyPage

New self-service solution from February 27, 2018 - important information before you proceed

AutoPASS My page is the common system all toll road operators are affiliated with. The new solution uses login with electronic ID, or alternative login for those without electronic ID.

Whether you are a new or returning customer, upon first use after February 27 you are defined as a new customer.

You must create a new user, and old passwords will no longer work.

The first time you log on you will be asked whether you already are a customer of a toll road operator.

  • If this is the first registration of an agreement, you choose “No, I would like to create a new agreement.”
  • If you already have an AutoPASS agreement, you choose “Yes, I already have an agreement.”

If you have several previous agreements you wish to link to the agreement, you may do this using the “Find agreement” option you see after logging on to My page.

(When using the alternative login “I don’t have a ID-Porten user,” both new or existing customers must choose “New user,” enter their e-mail address and create a new password.)

Click 'Continue' to log on or register a new user at AutoPASS (opens in new tab).

Click 'Guide' to see information on how to use the service.

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