About the project

Nordhordlandspakken includes smaller and larger road projects on E39 and surrounding roads. Among other things, it has been planned for the construction of new roads, improvement of existing roads and expansion of the E39 through the center of Knarvik. For increased traffic safety and to reduce the number of accidents, it is planned for the construction of pedestrian and bicycle paths. In addition, it is planned to strengthen public transport and facilitate more environmentally friendly transport solutions.

Toll stations

There will be four toll stations when the project starts 01/12/19, and one toll station in 2020.
  • Entry/ Exit E39 Flatøy
  • E39 Flatøy Nord
  • E39 Mundalsberg
  • Fv. 57 Isdalsta
  • Fv. 565 Radøy ( start 2020)
Kart viser E6 Helgeland med de nye veiene markert.