Hardangerbrua is the longest suspension bridge in Norway.

Hardangerbrua is a two-laned suspension bridge with lane for walking and biking. The bridge has a total length of 1380 meters. The bridge tower is 200 meters high and the sailing height is 55 meters.

Brua was opened on 17th of August 2013.

Hardangerbrua AS
Hardangerbrua AS is a shareholder company owned by the county municipal and the local municipal dedicated to govern the finance and the realization of the bridge over the Hardanger fjord at Vallavik and Bu. The main shareholder is Hordaland County Municipality. The other owners are the municipalities of: Bergen, Kvam, Granvin, Voss, Ulvik, Eidfjord and Ullensvang.

The objective of the company is: "The company's objective is the construction of a bridge over the Hardanger Fjord with connected roads on both side of the fjord. The company is also going to finance the part of the funding, which the government do not finance. "