Bymiljøpakken Nord-Jæren

About the project

City enviormental package in Nord Jæren

The city enviromental package Nordjæren contributes with over 30 billion kroner for roads, buses and cycle paths until 2033. The City Enviromental Package is a tolling package for Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola and Randaberg. 

The City Environment Package will provide better public services, better conditions for cyclists and better accessibility on roads.

How is the City Environment Package Funded?
Tolling stands for the largest part. The state provides funds in the City Environment Package through the City-Growth-agreement and the National Transport Plan, totaling approximately NOK 11 billion. Rogaland County Municipality contributes approximately NOK 1.5 billion in VAT refund.

The municipalities have committed themselves to developing homes and jobs in a way that strengthens public transport and reduces transport needs. The funds that Kolumbus receives from promoting mobility and new attitudes is derived from  funds that are part of the City Growth Agreement.

The City Package finances:
The bus road, the bike main road, separate road for lorries from Sola to Risavika and Sundekrossen. Four laned road E39 from Tasta to Harestad plus from Hove to Ålgård. In addition, there will be several more roads and other good plans for everyone who cycles, walks and travels by bus.