About the project

The E39 Rogfast project involves crossing the Boknafjord and Kvitsøyfjorden north of Stavanger with subsea tunnel.

Rogfast will be built around 60 km. with roads and tunnels. Boknafjord tunnel will be 26.7 km with two lanes.  It is the world's longest subsea tunnel.
From the tunnel it there will be a 4 km. long tunnel to Kvitsøy.

The project is estimated to cost NOK 16.8 billion. About 70% will be funded with a toll fee.

Pre paying toll for Rogfast on ferry Mortavik - Årsvågen started in 2013. The toll collection on the ferry continues throughout the development period of 7-8 years from 2018 (parrallell collection).

After the opening of the tunnel, toll will be collected for up to 20 years. The will be two toll stations located in both ends of the project, one for southbound traffic on Laupland in Bokn and one for northbound traffic at Harestad in Randaberg.

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