About the Project

T-forbindelsen is a road construction project to link the Haugesund region closer together. A new road communication between the Haugesund, Karmøy and Tysvær municipalities has been identified as the primary objective. 

The project primarily includes two submarine tunnels below Karmsundet and Førresfjorden, including a leg to Fosen, and 9.8 km road leading to the E134.

The tunnel below Karmsundet is 3977 metres long and runs 139 metres deep. The tunnel below Førresfjorden is 3764 metres long and runs 136 metres deep. The tunnel arm to Fosen (Hellevik) is 1164 metres long.

The three tunnels will meet in a roundabout 60 metres below ground at Fosen.

The total length of the tunnel is approx. 8.9 km, including the arm leading up to Fosen in Karmøy municipality.

A new, mostly open road was built from Fosen to the E134. In Tysvær, T-forbindelsen was linked to the E39. The total length of the road amounts to just over 19 km.

The project has cost about NOK 1.9 billion, split between the government, Rogaland county municipality, Karmøy municipality and road tolls. Construction works started in autumn 2009, and the facility opened for traffic on 5 September 2013.

Rundkjøring i undersjøisk tunell i T-forbindelsen