About the Project

Vossapakko covers three road projects on the E16 and rv 13 in Voss municipality and Granvin Herad. Funds have also been added for building a new intersection at Stanghelle in Vaksdal municipality. The development cost of the project is NOK 1130 million (09).

Funding is based on 53 % road tolls and 47 % government funds. Vossapakko will greatly improve conditions for road users, and the project will provide significantly better accessibility, environmental benefits and increased traffic security.

The Sub-Projects

Rv. 13 Øvre Granvin–Voss border (Skjervet)
A new road turns off from the existing road at Seim, crosses the valley and enters a 4080-m long tunnel from Seim to Svelgane. The tunnel has a T8.5 profile and a 5.07 % incline. In addition to the tunnel, the project includes 1200 m of open road, two bridges and a culvert on Seim.

Rv. 13 Palmafoss Mønshaug
This project includes a new road with an improved standard, gathered exits, rebuilt intersections and improved shared-use paths.

E 16 Stamvei past Voss
A new trunk road from Seim stretching through a 2380 m tunnel behind Vossevangen, from Svartenakken in the west to Ringheim by Lundarvatnet in the east. The tunnel has a T10.5 profile. The intersections in both ends are formed as roundabouts. Additionally, there are a few improvements on the old E16 through Voss centre.

E 16 Stanghelle, Vaksdal
An additional NOK 25M has been added for building a new intersection at Stanghelle in Vaksdal municipality. The Vossapakko development project was planned for completion in 2013 and started with parallel road toll collections in 2010.

The original Vossapakko also included funds for measures in Skjervet, prepared by Turistvegprosjektet. Funds were also set aside for measures in Voss centre; a collaboration between Voss municipality and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

In May 2014, it was decided that Vossapakko could be expanded to include rv. 13 Jobergtunnelen by Granvinsvatnet.