Where do I find info about the tag, and how to I install the it?

Veronica Solås

Here you will find an overview over all tags available, as well as instructions on how and where to place your tag.

New tags from 2018

Tag from Q-free with bracket:

Assembly instructions:

  1. Any old tag must be removed. If you want to remove an old tag sticker, try using dishwasher soap behind the sticker, before using a plastic card or thin scraper. Avoid using metal objects.
  2. Use the attached napkin and clean the window where the new tag will go. This area is often a marked area in the windshield behind the mirror. The tag must not obstuct the view. The window should be preheated.
    On heavy vehicles (bus/truck), the tag must be placed at the bottom of the windshield. It must not be mounted so that it is hidden behind the windshield wiper.
  3. Place the tag into the included tag sticker/bracket to activate the tag. You will hear a beep from the tag, when it is activated.
  4. Attach the additional velcro sticker to the velcro on the tag/bracket. Remove the cover paper of the sticker and press the tag towards windshield for 10 seconds.
  5. Remember to always let the tag be connected to the bracket. If you want to move it into a new vehicle, bring both tag and bracket.
    You can ask the toll company for a new velcro sticker, at the same time when you inform them your new vehicle number.

Tags from 2014-




Here is a guide to how and where you may install your tag. (Norwegian only)

Tags from 2002-


Here is a guide to how and where you may install your tag. (Norwegian only)

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