How does AutoPASS function on ferries?

Veronica Solås

If you have an AutoPASS tag from Ferde, you can use this as payment on the ferries which offers payment with AutoPASS and get 10% discount.

What is “AutoPASS for ferry”?
“AutoPASS for Ferry” is a national agreement (with pre payment) that is connected to both AutoPASS ferry cards and AutoPASS tags.

Automatically discount using AutoPASS as payment
AutoPASS customers with a valid AutoPASS-tag, but who does not have an AutoPASS-ferry agreement, will automatically get a 10% discount on those ferries that offers payment with AutoPASS.

More discount?
If you want 40%-50% discont, you can draw an AutoPASS-agreement on
If you have a tag from Ferde, you can use this to draw an agreement for AutoPASS ferry.

An overview of the amounts and passages can be found at the following locations:

  • If you have an agreement with AutoPASS ferry with 40-5o% discount then you will find the amount and passages at
  • If you have AutoPASS tag and 10% discount (no ferry agreement), you will find the amounts and passages at

More information?
If you wish more information about AutoPASS ferry, you can use the following contact info:

AutoPASS for ferje
v/ Skyttel AS
Telephone: 55 30 00 00
Customer service: