How is the AutoPASS system adapted to tourists?

Veronica Solås

All drivers, regardless of nationality, have to pay Norwegian road tolls.
The automated toll stations are all equipped with a camera that reads the vehicle number plates and toll tags.
If you plan on staying for a longer period of time, we recommend a You can sign an agreement with the company where you will be driving for

Foreign registered vehicles, without a toll tag, will be invoiced by Euro Parking Collection plc (EPC).

Read more about payment for tourists in Norway on

Enviromental differentiatied rates in Bergen and foreign vehicles from June 1.:
From June 1. the toll stations i Bergen will have enviromental differentiation rates. The toll will be set according to the vehicle enviroment class, or Euro standard. To get the correct toll charge for your foreign vehicle you need to registering the emission standard of your vehicle.
You can do this here: