I have an electric vehicle, how do I get a discount or free toll?

Veronica Solås

How to sign an AutoPASS agreement for electric or hydrogen vehicles:

Many toll projects have discounts and others have exemptions for zero emission vehicles (electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles).
You can read more in “What is zero emission vehicle?”

In order to get an exemption / discount on your electric vehicle, you must enter into an AutoPASS agreement and a tag for the car.
And you will then automatically obtain exemptions or discounts in all facilities where this is provided.
Keep in mind that if you drive without a tag, you will have to pay a regular fare without a discount.

How to proceed to draw an agreement on electric / hydrogen vehicle:

  1. I already have an agreement and have changed from regular vehicle to electric vehicle: Log in to AutoPASS – My Page and change vehicle number on your agreement from old to new registration number. Move the tag over from the old vehicle to the new.
  2. I already have an agreement for a regular vehicle and now want to add an electric vehicle to the existing agreement. Log on to AutoPASS – My Page and add the registration number for the electric vehicle on existing agreement. You will receive a tag sent by mail.
  3. I do not have an agreement: Sign an agreement on AutoPASS – My Page by entering the registration number of the electric vehicle. You will receive a tag sent by mail.