What is the monthly ceiling rate for Ryfast?

Veronica Solås


Monthly ceiling rate for Ryfast:

Rv. 13 Ryfylketunnelen and rv.13 Hundvågtunnelen each has their own monthly ceiling rate. This applies to customers with a valid AutoPASS agreement and tag.

  • In the toll station belonging to rv.13 Ryfylketunnelen you pay for max 40 passages per calendar month for each vehicle in the agreement. This applies for both rate groups 1 and 2.
  • In the toll stations belonging to rv.13 Hundvågtunnelen there is a max 75 passages per calendar month for each vehicle in the agreement. This monthly ceiling is shared with the toll stations in Bymiljøpakken in Nord-Jæren. This applies only for rate groups 1 in Hundvågtunnelens toll stations.

Invoice Period:
Please note that the invoice is not necessarily sent out at the end of each month, and you can receive an invoice containing passages over several months. The invoice can therefore contain more than 40+75 passages. You must therefore distinguish between the invoice period and the passing period. However, you will not be charged for more than 40 passages in Ryfylketunnelen toll station and 75 passages in Hundvågtunnelens toll stations within one month.
Information about passages is provided if you log in to My Page.

No Agreeement:
Note! Vehicles with no agreement have to pay for each passage and do not get advantages such as a monthly ceiling rate or one-hour rule rate.