Where can I find a record of my invoices and payment information?

Veronica Solås

If you have an agreement, you will find an overview of your invoices and payment information on My Page.

After you sign in:
The tab “Invoices” allows you to see your invoices. If you would like only to see invoices in a certain time period, you can select a different date at the top. By clicking one of the invoice lines, you will be able to see payment information (KID, account number, amount, etc.).

“Go to passages” will provide you with a list of all the passages registered on the invoice.

“Show invoice” will display a PDF copy of the invoice. If an invoice is paid “Invoice paid” will displayed on “Invoice status”. Invoices that have not been paid will have status “Invoice sent”. However, if the invoice has gone past its due date, the status will change to “Invoice stopped. New reminder has been created”. It will not be possible to see the passages associated with reminders. However, the original invoice will still be displayed and it will be possible to see the passages there.

If you chose “Go to passages” you will get an overview over all registered passages on the invoice. The overview displays date, time, vehicle, toll road operator, toll plaza name and rate. You also have the possibility of exporting the passages to an excel file.