Where can I find an overview of the toll ring and toll stations in Bymiljøpakken in Nord-Jæren?

Veronica Solås

Here you will find an overview of the toll rings and the toll stations in the City Enviromental Package (Bymiljøpakken) from 01.10.18.

Toll ring:

  • Stavanger toll ring (11 toll stations)
  • Sandnes toll ring (10 toll stations)
  • Sola toll ring (2 toll stations)
  • Forus toll ring (10 toll stations)
  • Risavika toll ring (2 toll stations)
  • Outer toll ring, north: Toll stations on the border between Stavanger and Randaberg. (3 toll stations)

You only pay a toll in one direction, and it’s when you drive into a toll ring, not out of the ring (s). Except Outer toll ring North, where you pay towards Stavanger.

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Toll stations in the Stavanger toll ring Direction charged
Fv435 Bybrua Towards north (Direction changed the 5th of October 2020)
Fv411 Tastagata Towards south
Christian Bjellandsgate Towards south
Fv446 Randabergveien Towards south
Fv 416 Øvre Stokkavei Towards east
Rv509 Madlaveien Towards northeast
E39 Mosvatnet Towards north
Fv404 SUS Towards north
Fv 44 Lagårdsveien Towards north
Fv 415 Nedre Stokkavei Towards east
Ytre Ringveg vest Towards east

Forhåndsvis endringer (åpnes i en ny fane)


Toll stations in Outer toll ring, North Direction charged
Fv409 Kvernevikveien  Towards south
E39 Tastatorget (Randabergveien)  Towards east
Fv413 Finnestadgeilen Towards east

Toll stations in Risvika toll ring Direction charged
Rv 509 Jåsund Towards north (Direction changed the 7th of October 2020)
Rv 509 Tanangerveien Towards south  (Direction changed the 18th of September 2020)

Toll stations by Sola airport Direction charged
Fv509 Flyplassveien Towards soutwest
Fv374 Nordsjøveien Towards north

Toll stations in Forus toll ring Direction charged
Fv44 Diagonalen/Boganesveien Towards east
Moseidsletta Towards east
Røynebergveien Towards southeast
Åsenveien Towards east
Fv443 Forusbeen Towards east
E39 Refsnesveien Towards southeast
E39 Stokkamyra Towards north
Stokkaveien Towards north
Fv44 Forussletta Towards north
Fv314 Gamleveien Towards north

Toll stations in Sandnes toll ring Direction charged
Fv44 Strandgata Towards south
Roald Amundsensgate Towards south
Dyre Vaas vei Towards south
Fv509 Oalsgata Towards southeast
Fv241 Heigreveien Towards northeast
Fv325 Jærveien Towards north
Fv330 Hoveveien Towards north
Fv334 Gamle Ålgårdsveien, Austrått Towards north
Fv 323 Austråttveien, Towards west
Fv332 Hanaveien, Towards south