Why are the toll rate signs removed from the toll stations?

Veronica Solås

It is the Directorate of Public Roads that decides which signs to use, cf. The Road Regulations Section 35.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration has decided that in  some toll rings, only toll stations on the main roads into the city will be equipped with toll rate signs, while the toll stations in cities with more complicated rate system and location of toll stations (such as Oslo, Bergen, Nord Jæren and Trondheim) shall be completely free of toll rate signs.

All toll stations that do not have a rate sign must have a single sign with the toll booth symbol 792.30 “Fully automatic toll booth passing without stopping”.

This simple sign (see below) is a minimum to inform road users that tolls are being paid and that the vehicles’ characteristics are video photographed.

The signs in the toll stations in Bergen and Stavanger follow the new document for signs in automatic toll plazas created by the Directorate of Public Roads.

See the document “Ny mal for skilting i bomstasjoner” PDF (only in Norwegian)