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Exemption for toll charge

Here you will find everything you need to know about exemptions.

Some vehicles are exempt from payment. Public transport, emergency vehicles and people with reduced mobility are among these.

Exemption from tolls means that you can pass for free in most urban areas, provided that you have registered a valid AutoPass agreement and a tag in the vehicle.

Mobility-impaired drivers

Do you want to register exemptions as a mobility-impaired driver?
Click here for procedure and overview of documentation.

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For buses, you must have an AutoPass agreement on the vehicle that is to be exempt.
If you already have this, you can send an inquiry to Ferde with documentation (route permit) as well as the registration number of the vehicle in question.

If you do not have an agreement from before, you must:
Enter into an AutoPASS agreement.

Then send an inquiry to Ferde, where you attach a route permit and ask for an exemption.

Emergency vehicles

Uniformed emergency vehicles and civilian emergency vehicles in service assignments are granted an exemption for toll crossings in accordance with guidelines from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. For more information, contact our customer center.

Motorcycle, moped and ATV:

Vehicles described in the vehicle card as motorcycles, mopeds and ATVs (registered as four-wheeled motorcycles) are exempt from tolls at unmanned toll stations, and do not need an agreement.

Note that motorcycles are not exempt from paying tolls on ferries.


Tractor is not exempt from tolls.
ATVs registered as a tractor are also not exempt from tolls.

Sign an AutoPASS-agreement

Find a tag issuer here