Toll fee for zero-emission vehicles in Askøypakken from 01.01.19

Veronica Solås News

Zero emissions vehicles is a term for electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles.

According to the regulations from Prop. 87 S (2017-2018) and local government, a toll fee will be introduced in Askøypakken for zero-emission vehicles in rate group 1, who now havet to pay 50 per cent of ordinary toll fee costs after discount. Zero-emission vehicles in rate group 2 will not pay toll fee yet.


Rate group 1 Rate group 2
Ordinary toll fee 28 46
Autopass agreement with 20% discount 22,40 46
Toll fee zero emission vehicles (with valid agreement and tag) 11,20 0

Zero emissions vehicles without a valid agreement and tag, will pay ordinary toll fee.

One-hour rule and and monthly ceeling for 30 passages will also apply to zero-emission vehicles with valid agreement and tag.

The rate change may be disputed by sending a complaint to the Ministry of Transport within three weeks of notice.
Complaints can be sent to the Statens vegvesen Vegdirektoratet, Postboks 8142 Dep., 0033 Oslo.