Toll collection for Nordhordlandspakken starts from 01/12/19

Veronica Solås News

On the 1. of December at 00:00, the toll collection starts for Nordhordlandspakken.

See announcement (norwegian – PDF)

Toll money is collected in both directions in the following toll stations surrounding Knarvik: E39 Flatøy – exit towards Flatøy / direction towards Bergen, E39 Flatøy North, E39 Mundalsberget and Fv.57 Isdalstø.


Rates for Nordhordlandspakken:

Rate group 1 Rate group 2
Without agreement NOK 20,00
With AutoPASS-agreement NOK 16,00 NOK 32,00
Nullutslippskjøretøy m/AutoPASS NOK 8,00 NOK 0,00


Passing with AutoPASS agreement and tag 

Vehicles in rate group 1 with electronic tag and valid agreement will automatically receive 20 per cent discount. Vehicles in rate group 2 will receive no discount.

  • Rate group 1: Vehicles with permitted total weight up to 3500 kg, as well as vehicles in category M1 with electronic tag and valid agreement.
  • Rate group 2: Vehicles with a permitted total weight including and above 3501 kg, excl. vehicle in category M1 with electronic tag and valid agreement.

Payment for zero-emission vehicles
Both electric vehicles and hydrogen vehicles shall pay toll fee. The fee for zero-emission vehicles will be 50% of regular fee, after discount.  This requires a valid AutoPASS-agreement and a tag, otherwise you pay regular fee. Read more here.

If  you do not have an agreement

When you pass the toll station without an AutoPASS agreement, you pay full price and an invocie will be sendt by post to the vehicle owner.
This also applies to zero emission vehicles.

You want to sign an agreement?

It is not possible to sign an agreement with Nordhordlandspakken, but you will get a discount as long as you have a AutoPASS agreement and tag with any toll company.

You can sign an agreement here: Choose “Ferde AS – Bomringen i Bergen”